During this period of change we wanted to take this time to talk about something near and dear to
some of us here at the store. The paint of your miniatures and models. We have had several new painters
over the last few weeks and we would like to give you a primer to assist you. The painting of your
miniatures whether they are metal or plastic or resin are generally the same. The real difference is in how
you prepare them. The following will be the way I go about and would recommend painting your
    The first step would be the cleaning of your mini. This starts by washing your miniature in sink
temperature hot water with dish soap, ( I would recommend doing a few miniatures at a time). Then they
should dry before the next step which would be removal of the unwanted parts of the miniature. This
would be mold lines and flashing and bits of sprue that may still attached. You can use a variety of tools
to do these things, files, sanding sticks, emery boards, cutters are all useful tools. The next step is your
first step to actually putting paint on your miniature.
    Priming your miniature can be as important as putting paint on it. There are miniatures that
claim you do not have to prime them. I have painted a lot of miniatures in my life and still will always
prime the miniature. Priming will also help show you any flaws still in the miniature's surface. You can
prime via a spray or a brush on primer. You can also prime in a variety of colors. The side note to that is
the priming may be visible through your primer selection so keep that in mind when you choose which
color/shade to prime in. The general rule is the darker the primer the more work it is to place light colors
over that primer, the opposite is true with light primers. The more neutral the primer the easier the
workload to paint the miniature will be.
    The miniature is now ready to paint. You have a great selection of paints and brushes to choose
from, this was not always the case in the past. The general aspect of paints today is acrylic paint and we
have four different lines to choose from. They are all nearly the same and many styles and steps and
technical aspects can be done with all of them. There are other acrylic paint on the market but most of
them our not formulated for miniatures, you would not paint your car with house paint so do not paint
your miniatures with it. I could write for hours about how to paint your miniature but that would have to
be another topic.
    When your miniature is done and it looks great you may wish to seal it . This is a protective coating to save
the work you did on the miniature. It will put a coating around your miniature, much like primer it can be done
with a spray or brush on.
    Game Headquarters has several employees that can answer any questions you may have that
would go into more details than this quick note. You can stop by and talk to us, we would be glad to give
you as much assistance as we can.  - Mike