The Dispatch

Monday 8/5

6:30pm Cribbage Club

7pm Magic Modern $5


Tuesday 8/6

7pm Magic Booster Draft $10

7pm Magic 2HG League

7pm Tabletop Game Night


Wednesday 8/7

NOTICE:  We will be offering Zaxby’s Sandwiches $5 each (including tax)

7pm Magic Standard $5

7pm D&D Adventurer’s League $2

7pm Tabletop Game Night


Thursday 8/8

6pm Pathfinder RPG

7pm Star Wars Destiny $5

7pm Magic Commander $5

7pm Warhammer Warcry Demo


Friday 8/9

7pm Magic FNM Standard $5

7:30 Magic 2020 Core Booster Draft $10


Saturday 8/10

10am Pokemon League $5

1pm Magic Booster Draft $15

6:30pm Magic Commander $5

7pm Magic Core 2020 Booster Draft $15


Sunday 8/11

2pm Game of Thrones Miniatures Game Demo


Upcoming Events

August 24 Star Wars Armada $5

October 11-12 Extra Life Charity Gaming event