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Core 2021 Collector Booster Box

Core 2021 Collector Booster Box

Core 2021 Booster Box

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WOC C7503

This is a Pre-Order Product
Release Date: July 3rd
(Ships out/pickup on this date).

Pre-Order Boxes can be picked up in store early on Pre-Release Week! June 26-30
Sorry we are now out of Pre-Order boxes to be picked up during Pre-Release weekend. Boxes ordered can be picked up Friday July 3rd.

Core Set 2021 is the perfect place to dive into Magic or power up your collection.
Call upon planeswalkers and their powerful spells, learn more about the life and times of Teferi, and score reprints of some of Magic’s most iconic cards..

Contains: 36 Booster Packs

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Game System Magic The Gathering