Lance Eric Price, September 21,1983-April 28, 2016

Lance Price Fellowship Award

Game HQ is pleased to announce the Lance Price Fellowship Prize for Magic: The Gathering community building and sportsmanship!

Lance was a son, brother, father, uncle, business owner and gamer. He spent much of his youth playing Magic at his favorite game store, Game HQ. Tragically, he died in an auto accident in 2016. Lance was a great Magic player, but his love of the game and enjoyment thereof came first. Lance was an inspiring fan and great ambassador of the game we all love, and we miss him dearly in our community. Through the generosity of Lance’s family and friends, we offer a Magic scholarship prize each year to an individual in our community who exhibits these qualities. This prize is in the form of store credit good for any Magic: The Gathering tournament entry at Game HQ.

Lance Price Fellowship Winners:

  • 2019: Nicholas Tarin
  • 2020: TBH