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  1. Power Rangers: HotG Interview!

    Welcome Rangers to ‘Power of the Grid: A Heroes of the Grid blog’ that delves into the newest cooperative board game where you play as the Power Rangers as they defend several locations from various familiar minions, monsters, and bosses.

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  2. Starter Guide to Painting Miniatures

    Have you ever wanted to start painting miniatures, but weren’t sure where to start? The miniature market is a huge one, and it can be daunting trying to decide the best way to dive into such a widely varied hobby. And when you can easily spend upwards of eighty dollars on supplies to build and paint one Warhammer 40K Space Marine Squad, what do you do if you decide miniature painting isn’t for you?

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  3. Star War RPG Episode 2: Electric Dice Boogaloo

    Since the dawn of pen and paper RPGs the D20 dice system has been the cornerstone of many great (and many more not so great) game systems. Checkout Part 2 of our Star Wars RPG series.

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  4. Five Rules for Fun Kitchen Table Magic Decks for Beginners

    There has never been a better time to get into Kitchen Table Magic. While you’re quarantined with your family and closest friends is an ideal time to return to magic and play for fun.

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  5. Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion Review

    Today I’m going to be reviewing Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion, a delightful CO-OP board game with strong TTRPG characteristics. Released in early August of 2020, JotL is a smaller and more streamlined version of the original Gloomhaven board game.

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  6. Star Wars RPG, Episode 1: A Beginners Guide

    The universe of a Galaxy, Far, Far away… is an ever changing landscape of infinite stories and the Star Wars RPG system developed by Fantasy Flight Games takes advantage of this by allowing you, as either a Game Master or Player, to insert yourselves into the myriad of adventures that the galaxy holds.
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  7. Painting a Miniature: A Quick Overview of Prepping

    Thinking about getting started on painting a miniatures? Not only is it easy to learn but a great calming hobby. Michael Kurt gives us a brief overview of the steps needed to get a miniature ready to paint!
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  8. The Tentative Official Release for Ikoria

    The anticipated street date for ALL Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths product is May 15, 2020.  Subject to change.

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  9. What's your genre!?

    Ever have trouble picking out the best game for you and your playgroup?  Of course you have, because there is an abundance of variety when it come to board games, just like movies or food.  It's often a task to determine what you should pick up because you're not quite sure what you will like.  That's where we come in!  We can't count (no seriously, what comes after 5?)how many times a day people come in or call asking for advice on what they should pick up, so why not make a blog about it and give you another source of information?

    The first question we ask our customers is "are you a new or an experienced gamer?"  A newer player will tend to want something a little lighter and easier to learn and play; whereas an experienced gamer will look for something with a bit more heft and difficulty.  Games are typically broken down into two main categories: Mainstream and Hobby. There is some overlap between the two, but for the most part you

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  10. Fun Games to play during Quarantine

    Ladies and gentlemen we have some good stuff for you today.  We have been asked a lot over the last couple of weeks for good cooperative or 2 player games so we've compiled a list of 5 games that you should pick up (that we just so happen to carry) for some fun while you're. . . . **looks both ways** CO-OPed up during the Covid Crisis! So without, further ado, our list of 5 (in no particular order) games that you should give a try during this time! 

    1. Azul
      Azul is a very fun, competitive game for 2 - 5 players.  This is a relatively easy game to learn and it plays out fairly fast as well.  The goal is for each player to create the most beautiful stained glass window they can to impress the King of Spain.  Players take turns choosing tiles to place in their queue. Once all tiles have been taken the players move all full queues over to the window and score points.  Refill
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