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  1. Zombicide: Invader

    The new Zombicide is finally here!
    Get it now for only 89.95!

    Work Together, or You’ll Never Make It Off This Rock Alive

    It’s a new age of exploration as humanity stretches out among the stars. But a truly effective and reliable energy source was still just beyond reach. That is, until Xenium was found on PK-L7. This substance, buried deep in the bowels of the planet, was set to revolutionize space travel, and humanity sent resources out to extract it. Originally, these mining operations were looked at with passivity by the aliens on the planet. But then, something changed. They became fierce, murderous beasts. Now, it’s a fight for survival in the dark reaches of space.

    In Zombicide: Invader, players must work together if they want to survive the onslaught of murderous aliens. Over the course of several interlocked missions, they must make their way throu

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  2. Big Game Night

    Big Game Night is coming up!
    Friday August 2nd.

    Come try out some new board games. This is an early peek and chance to buy these exclusive games before they come out for sale!

    Point Salad
    Smash Up World Tour Culture Shock
    Walking in Burano

    Its free! So come out and learn to play!
    If you end up liking one and want to buy it, all participants get 10% off the purchase.

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  3. Modern Horizon Draft Weekend

    Game HQ is 26 this year!

    In celebratation we will be running discouted drafts all weekend!
    All Modern Horizon drafts will only be $20 this weekend!
    Boxes will also be heavly discounted as part of our anniversary sale at $189.99!!!*

    Times:  Friday: 7:30pm
                Saturday 1:00pm & 7:00pm
                Sunday    1:00pm


    *Discounted Boxes are not avaliable for reward points or other promotions.

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  4. The Dispatch

    Monday 8/5

    6:30pm Cribbage Club

    7pm Magic Modern $5


    Tuesday 8/6

    7pm Magic Booster Draft $10

    7pm Magic 2HG League

    7pm Tabletop Game Night


    Wednesday 8/7

    NOTICE:  We will be offering Zaxby’s Sandwiches $5 each (including tax)

    7pm Magic Standard $5

    7pm D&D Adventurer’s League $2

    7pm Tabletop Game Night


    Thursday 8/8

    6pm Pathfinder RPG

    7pm Star Wars Destiny $5

    7pm Magic Commander $5

    7pm Warhammer Warcry Demo


    Friday 8/9

    7pm Magic FNM Standard $5

    7:30 Magic 2020 Core Booster Draft $10


    Saturday 8/10

    10am Pokemon League $5

    1pm Magic Booster Draft $15

    6:30pm Magic Commander $5

    7pm Magic Core 2020 Booster Draft $15

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  5. D&D Ghost of Saltmarsh

    Avaliable May 21. Remember to get your Pre-orders in now so you don't miss out.
    Adventure league campaign's will start in June!

    Ghosts of Saltmarsh combines some of the most popular classic adventures from the first edition of D&D including the classic ‘U’ series and some of the best nautical adventures from Dungeon magazine.

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  6. The Dispatch

    Monday 5/13

    6:30pm Cribbage Club

    7pm Magic Modern $5

    Tuesday 5/14

    7pm Magic War o/t Spark Booster Draft $10

    7pm Tabletop Game Night

    7:30pm KeyForge $5

    Wednesday 5/15

    7pm Magic Standard Showdown $5

    7pm D&D Adventurer’s League $2

    7pm Tabletop Game Night

    Thursday 5/16

    6pm Battletech

    6pm Pathfinder RPG

    7pm Magic Commander $5

    7pm Star Wars Destiny $5

    Friday 5/17

    7pm Magic FNM Standard $5

    7:30pm Magic War o/t Spark Booster Draft $10

    8pm Warhammer 40K Escalation League $20

    Saturday 5/18

    10am Pokemon League $5

    10am Star Wars X-Wing Charity Event $15

    1pm Magic War o/t Spark Booster Draft $15

    7pm Magic War o/t Spark Booster Draft $15

    Sunday 5/19

    1pm CAV Miniatures

    Upcoming Events

    June 7-9 SoonerCon @ Embassy Suites by Hilton, Norman

    June 8-9 Magic M

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  7. Keyforge: Age of Ascension

    The unique deck game expansion is going to be on us soon! Keyforge is a game where every deck is as unique as the player who wields it, coming pre-built and ready-to-play. The first set Keyforge: Call of the Archons was a resounding success. This well loved card game easily sold out almost everywhere.
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  8. Space Base: The Emergence of Shy Pluto

    A NEW! Expansion for Space Base. Check it out and Preorder Now!
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