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A Great Place to play.have

Here at Game HQ we pride ourselves on being the best game store in Oklahoma. We feature the largest game room in the state. Plenty of events and activities hosted every day. The largest selection of games and supplies hands down. This includes board games, RPGs, miniatures, and everything else gaming related you can think of! We always strive for the best customer service. Check us out for all your gaming needs!

Who We Are

Game HQ was founded 26 years ago in 1993 by Ron Palmantary. Ron had a passion for gaming and history making him an avid war gaming enthusiast. He decided to follow this passion and quit his career of being an attorney to start a game store. Ron's dream was to not only supply great games to people but to provide an amazing place for people to play and meet. It wasn't long before Game HQ delved into more games like Magic the Gathering, Roleplaying, Minitures, and many others that we have come to love.

26 years and two new locations later Ron is still here every day playing games and making friends. Now joined by Co-Owners Darin Minard, Brian Doherty, and Micheal Kirk(In order of greatness) as well as many wonderful employees. All of us have the same passion and love for gaming and the community. We have so many great and amazing people in our community that the only word to describe them is family. The Game HQ family grows every day and we hope to see you soon. - Darin