Battletech: A Game of Armored Combat: An Introduction

Battletech is a game you probably know even if you have not played it. Through the years it has been a tabletop war game, role playing game, and had many different electronic versions such as Mechwarrior Online by Piranha Games Inc., and Battletech by Harebrained Schemes.
Battletech celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2019 with the release of new products including: revamped boxsets, new paper and neoprene maps, rule and source books, new fiction to guide the universe into the Ilclan Era and the successful Clan Invasion Kickstarter (Game HQ is a merchant backer and may have received their pledge by the time this is posted ).

Let us take a look at the box sets that allow you and your friends to dive into the Battletech Universe.

  • Battletech: Beginner Box 

    The Battletech: Beginner Box was released in January 2019. This new beginner product featured two high-quality (unpainted) miniatures, quick-start rules, a map sheet, mechwarrior skill cards, dice, and more for around $20.00 USD. This product allows you to try out the Battletech Universe and is forward compatible with A Game of Armored Combat, the Battletech Manual and the new Clan Invasion Box set.

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  • Battletech: A Game of Armored Combat

    Pilot your Battlemech as the Great Houses vie for control of the Inner Sphere.

    The Battletech: A Game of Armored Combat is the next step if you want to expand further into the Battletech Universe. The box set includes 8 high-quality (unpainted) miniatures, rulebook, record sheets for the included units, two full-color paper maps (double-sided), universe primer, dice and more. Everything is included in one box for you and multiple friends to dive into a game.

  • Battletech: Battlemech Manual

    The BattleMech Manual was designed from the ground up for players wanting to play exclusively with Battlemechs. The BattleMech Manual includes the full standard rules for game play, and a variety of commonly used optional rules. The new layout makes it the most player friendly Battletech rulebook to date and the next logical step for expanding in the Battletech universe.

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  • Battletech: Clan Invasion - Coming Soon!

    And last but not least we have all the new expansion to A Game of Armored Combat - Battletech Clan Invasion box set.

    The Clan Invasion Boxset introduces you to the Clans. A powerful force from the periphery piloting unknown powerful battlemechs and a desire to conquer the Inner Sphere. The box set includes 5 high-quality, fully assembled (unpainted) battletech miniatures, 2 Points (bases) of Elemental Battle Armor, Clan primer booklet and Clan rulebook, record sheets, two new game maps and more.

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All the box sets contain plastic one piece miniatures. Ironwind Metals offers a full line of multi-part metal Battlemechs, vehicles and infantry for the Battletech Universe. Ironwind Metals will be offering some of these new sculpts in pewter as well as some variants. Game HQ carries a selection of Ironwind Metals miniatures and can order others.

If you are looking to learn how to play Battletech or a returning player we invite you to join Oklahoma Battletech on Facebook. We post scheduled games and events throughout Oklahoma as well as news and new products for the Battletech Universe..

**** notes…

In future articles we can talk about the Alpha Strike ruleset, The next rules books in there series like Total Warfare which includes vehicles and infantry. And the Tac Ops optional rules.