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Massive Game Room

Game HQ supplies a massive game room with over 4,000 sq/ft of gaming space! This space can seat up to 200 people at once. We provide tables for every type of gaming you can think off. Custom Miniature tables and felt tops provide excellent play space for every miniature game. We have up to 10 role playing tables to provide plenty of space for our D&D players and the many other RPGs. We also have round tables that are perfect for board games

As all ways we provide all gaming space free of charge! Now on many days we will have events, but beyond that all space is on a first come first serve basis. Also, from time to time we may host very large events that will take up a lot of room, so you might check our calendar and with us before making plans.

We do ask since we keep our game room free of charge that you abide by these few policies (1) please clean up after yourself. Do not leave trash/cups etc. on the tables. (2) Do not use profanity or show poor sportsmanship. (3) Pay attention to your hygeine. (4) Be polite. Thanks! and have fun gaming.

Free Demo Game Library

We do have a large game library(hundreds of games!) available for patrons to play. These are all provided free of charge and are located in the back right corner of the game room. No need to ask just grab a game and start playing! We are constantly adding to this library but if you don't see a game you would like to try please just ask. We may have the demo copy located somewhere else or may add it at a later time. Please when using demo copies of games treat them with care and return all pieces organized back in the box. Hope you try something new and Good Luck!

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